Clean Enough: Simple Solutions for the Overwhelmed Homemaker

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Overwhelmed? Clean Enough: Simple Solutions for the Overwhelmed Homemaker is packed full of practical tips and advice to encourage you in your high calling and help you become a less-stressed housewife.

It is my hope that you will come away from reading this eBook feeling inspired, equipped and confident in the knowledge that perfection is not necessary for your success as a homemaker.

For the price of a fancy latte, you can learn to manage your home with ease and finesse.

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What you will find in Clean Enough

  • Encouragement for you in your role a a homemaker
  • Suggestions for improving your management skills
  • Directions for creating acheivable cleaning standards
  • Ideas for getting housework done with young children
  • Step-by-step instructions for decluttering your home
  • Tips to help you clean smart, not hard
  • Simple laundry solutions to make your life easier
  • “Think It Through” questions & “Follow Through” suggestions at the end of each chapter
  • Printable natural cleaning recipe cards and labels
  • Inspirational quotes to print, ¬†frame and display in your home
  • Recommended resources to help you become a less-stressed homemaker
  • And so much more!

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What People Are Saying

“Clean Enough is a refreshing, grace-filled look at homemaking. I love how Jenni is faithful to remind us that we are working for the Lord. But more than that, I love how she reminds us that God is a gracious Master. Of course, He desires our efforts at making our homes a haven, but He doesn’t expect perfection. We serve a God who is full of grace! Clean Enough is perfect for any woman seeking to glorify God with how she manages her home. It was a much needed encouragement for me!” –Leigh Ann Dutton

“I have been guilty of believing the lie that the cleanliness of my home {or lack thereof} was the only gauge by which my success as a homemaker was measured. This book was a breath of fresh air to my soul because it reminded me of an encouraging truth: there is so much more to life than a clean house. Through short chapters and a baby-steps approach, Jenni walks us through the process of making a genuine effort to maintain a home that is truly clean enough, while reminding us to embrace grace when we fail to meet our self-imposed standards. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve in the area of home management from someone who is more concerned about the condition of your heart than the state of your home.” –Alana Taylor

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“I enjoyed reading [Clean Enough] because it motivated me without guilt. I was reading something from a friend who knows my desires as well as my reality. Jenni prefaced the book by confessing she almost stopped writing it because she felt like a hypocrite with a sink full of dirty dishes. ‘I am simply a homemaker, just like you,striving to succeed in the high calling of keeping a home.’ I appreciate a book about cleaning by a woman who can relate to my seasons of homemaking.” -Tereasa, Tereasa

Clean Enough is a breath of fresh air! In a world of stress, pressures, and mommy wars, this book offers solutions and encouragement rather than condemnation. Jenni offers up practical tips and advice that are simple to integrate into everyday life. She recognizes and celebrates the differences in families and helps readers streamline by finding what works for them. –Audra Michelle

“This book is just what I needed. I like to think of myself as a ‘decent’ homemaker. I don’t have a perfect house and Lord knows I don’t strive for one (usually). With a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a little one on the way, I don’t have time for ‘perfect.’ This book has helped me realize what my ‘clean enough’ is and boy does that help me feel better about my current BUSY life! Let’s not forget to mention I now have access to some awesome cleaner recipes too! Jenni, you are a life-saver and your tips are perfect for anybody who doesn’t have all the time in the world for cleaning!” -Nikki

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Are you ready to be a less-stressed homemaker?

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